Monday, June 16, 2014

The Undercover Economist Strikes Back by Tim Harford

This book's full title is The Undercover Economist Strikes Back: How to Run or Ruin an Economy. This is an interesting book. It makes the economics and some economic concepts easy to understand. The book is also written in the form of a dialog. It is an interesting concept. I think that it makes the book accessible, especially do those who lack understanding of some economic concepts.

Tim Harford has his own web site here. On this site Tim Harford talks about his various books and recent and popular articles he has written. Tim Harford is also on twitter StockTwits. He is a Financial Times columnist.

There are some interesting reviews at Good Reads. Not everyone liked the dialog format. As always, the review at The Wall Street Journal is good. This particular review is by Roger Lowenstein.

Tim Harford speaks at the London School of Economics about this Book The Undercover Economist Strikes Back. The video is 1 hour with Q & A at the end. This is an interview hosted by Cato Institute. The video is 90 minutes and Tim Harford and Alex Tabarrok. Tim starts speaking at almost 8 minutes into the video.

On my website is how to find this book on Amazon if you care to purchase it. See harford. Also, this book review and other books I have reviewed are on my website at Book Reviews.

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