Thursday, February 18, 2016

Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

This book's full title is Prisoners of Geography, Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World (or Geopolitics, if you are European). This is a delightful book and an interesting perspective on history and different countries. However, it is hard to believe that we human cannot get past the barriers that geography has thrown up for us.

Certainly, you can see how difficult it is with all the wars that seem to go on all the time. I do not believe there has been any year when the world has seen no war. This book is very readable and gives you a good idea of the geopolitics of our age.

There is a good review of this book by Daniel Dombey on Financial Times. It also brings up the point that geography is not everything. Of course, geography is not everything, but it can explain lots of things. As always, there are some really good reviews on Good Reads.

There is a BBC interview of Tim Marshall. There is a talk about this book by Tim Marshall on Vimeo. He talks about how geopolitics has changed our world. Kath Gerbeau interviews Tim Marshall. This is a short and just over 5 minute interview.

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