Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Thinner This year by Crowley and Sacheck

This book's full title is Thinner This Year: A Diet and Exercise Program for Living Strong, Fit and Sexy by Chris Crowley and Jen Sacheck, PH. D. Chris Crowley has a web pages on the Workman.com website. This is the second book I have read by him. The other one was Younger Next Year. I know he put another Younger Next Year book out for women, but I have not gotten it as I read the original one.

Jen Sacheck also has a website. It is a site worth exploring. She has a blog at this site. Also she has a section devoted to where she has given talks. http://thepoweroflifestyle.com/thinner-this-year/

I am still trying to get rid of the extra weight I put on at menopause but with very little results. He says if you eat crap, you are going feel like crap. You will be sluggish, dispirited and slow. If you are stupid enough about your diet for long enough, you will get sick and die. Good point. However, my problem is that I already have a very healthy diet and I walk and exercise.

There are some interesting review at Good Reads. There are lots who did not like this book. I must say that I did. Maybe Chris Crowley is a bit gung ho, yes, but you probably need this attitude to push eating properly and doing exercise. There were reviewers that quite liked this book also. On Dr. Ed Dodge'sblog he talks about this book. He did not like the title, but thought that the book was full of good information.

There is a very short video by Bill Fabrocini about exercising properly (and buying his DVD). Chris Crowley gives a talk at Private Advisor Group. Michele Ammon interviews Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge. In this video, Jim Zirin interviews Chris Crowley. Jeff Glor and Rebecca Jarvis interviews Chris Crowley and Jen Sacheck on CBS This Morning.

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