Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tribe by Sebastian Junger

This book's full title is Tribe, on Homecoming and Belonging. I found the book's writing rather uneven. Some parts are thoughtful and some parts are not.

He has an awful view of current American society. He talks about a society that is that is separating on all sorts of lines, not only racial, but by age, religion and wealth. He talks about Americans having contempt for each other and opening reviling each other. He feels Americans are focused on how different they are from each other rather than on the things that could unite them.

Of course, the above is not all he talks about. The book is mainly about how people come together in bad times to help each other. He talks about people wanting to feel necessary. I agree that there are problems in modern society about people feeling isolated. However, I do not think that needs to happen. People can form their own communities. You can read a blurb about this book on Hachette Book Group. Sebastian Junger has his own web site.

This site of Good Reads has a variety of reviews. Some reviewers agree with Junger and some reviewers are critical of this book and its attitudes. Matthew Crawford in his review talks more about Junger's movies than this book but this is still a good review in the New York Times There is a really good review by Ann Marlowe on Tablet Mag. She takes aim at Junger's praise of tribalism and how it comes in all colors.

There is a video on Junger's site. You need to scroll down in the site to find the videos. In this video Sebastian Junger is interviewed by Jeffrey Brown. There is also an interview on Conversations with Great Minds about why he wrote this book. There is a long (over an hour long) talk by Sabastian Junger at First Parish Bedford Massachusetts Unitarian Universalist. He starts about 5:18 minutes into the video.

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