Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Reflections on the Revolution in Europe by Christopher Caldwell

This book's full title is Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Island and the West. I found it very interesting that European countries thought of themselves as immigrant countries. I had previously only thought of Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia as immigrant countries.

He says that Europeans were attracted to, signed treaty's with and settled in the Ottoman Empire and China because these places were rich and too weak and disorganized to look out for themselves. He says about Europe currently that whether or not it can defend itself it has lost sight of why it should.

David Goodhart in this review on The Guardian is quite critical of Caldwell's view of Muslim immigration into Europe, but I must admit I was reading this book to get a different view from mine on this subject. There is an interesting review of this book on by Fouad Ajami in the New York Times. As usual, there are some very good reviews on this book at Good Reads.

Conversation with Christopher Caldwell by Bill Kristol. on France 24 Christopher Caldwell is interviewed by Annette Young. This interview took place in 2011. Christopher Caldwell gave a lecture at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on 5 May 2009. The lecture is on can Europe be the same with different people in it?

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