Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Wake by Linden MacIntyre

This book’s full title is The Wake: The deadly Legacy of a Newfoundland Tsunami. I have read a lot of history, but I must admit I have read little about Newfoundland. This book was an eye opener into some of the history of the Island. This is a vivid and heartbreaking story from this island. It was well written and interesting to read. Of course, like a lot of other people, I saw the play, Come from Away.

This book is about ghastly stores from Newfoundland of a tsunami, rescue at sea, and cancer from mining, with awful and uncaring government that was falling apart and an American false savior by the name of Walter Seibert. I had heard about the rescue at sea of American sailors in 1942. However, all the other stories were new to me.

There is a great review on Words Pages Books by the website’s owner Monika. There is a brief review on TLS by Nathan Greenfield. There is another review on The Girly Book Club by Michaela Keegan. There is a short written interview of Linden MacIntyre on Zoomer.

On Bookshelf there is a short interview with Linden MacIntyre about this book. There is also a short video about the 1929 Tsunami at Burin Peninsula. Linden MacIntyre gives a Key Note speech at St. Francis Xavier. Linden MacIntyre talks on Fifth Estate . Linden MacIntyre talks on CBC.

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