Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Toronto Mayors by Mark Maloney

This book’s full title is Toronto Mayors: A History of the City’s Leaders. The shocking thing about this book is how readable it is. This I did not expect. Most book with biographies of individuals you keep as reference, because they are boring to read. This is the exception and therefore shocking.

I learned a lot from this book about Toronto, I city I have lived in most of my life. Compared to what you read on the cover of the book. I thought the author treated all the mayors rather sympathetically. Mark Maloney not only talks about the time the mayor was in office, but gives the whole life story of each mayor. I found the book a very easy read.

There is a review of this book on Donner. There is a list of Toronto Mayors and some details on Wikipedia but this is unrelated to this book. There is an article in the Toronto Star by Mark Maloney about the first women elected to the Toronto City Council. She was Constance Hamilton. There is an article in Now about why Cawthra Square Park should be renamed after Mayor Barbara Hall. There is only one review of this book at Good Reads and the reviewer did not particularly like the book.

Mark Maloney is interviewed on the War Room by Vince Nigro. An interesting name for a book review, but it was a good interview.

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