Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vanished Kingdoms by Norman Davies

In this book he looks at various European countries that I disappear. This book is a great read. Davies is a great historian and his books can bring history alive for his readers. His views can also be quite unique. He looks at Polish history through a story on the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and talks about USSR through Estonia’s history.

Reading about vanishing countries certainly shows how impermanent our world can be. The most recent country to vanish is the USSR, but it is hardly unique. This book talks about Europe, but there are vanished kingdoms all over the world.

I think that reading such books give you a deeper understanding of history and this book particular gives you a deeper understand of Europe and its people.

There is a great review of this book at Financial Times by Dominic Lieven.

Professor Norman Davies, talks to Toby Clements talks about his new book, Vanished Kingdoms at The Telegraph.

Mel Cooper talks to Professor Norman Davies at Wildwater TV.

On my website is how to find this book on Amazon if you care to purchase it. See Davies. Also, this book review and other books I have reviewed are on my website at Book Reviews.

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