Friday, August 26, 2016

In-Between Days by Teva Harrison

This book's full title is In-Between Days: A Memoir about living with cancer. This was the first book I read after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course Teva Harrison is a lot younger than I am when diagnosed and I do not have metastatic cancer, at least not yet. However, just getting a cancer diagnosis is scary as hell.

Teva Harrison has her own web site here. There is not much there but she does have a blog. There is more of her work on The Walrus.

There are some good reviews on Good Reads. This is a graphic novel. I found it interesting, a lot of people found it beautiful. There is also an interesting review of this book by Sarah Liss on Macleans. There is review with some of Teva Harrison's drawings by Andrea Gordon at The Toronto Star.

There is a short video about Teva Harrison on Going Public with Her Diagnosis on YouTube. Teva Harrison gives a talk at Walrus Talks Health. She is interviewed by Steve Paikin.

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