Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book

This is this book's sixth edition and there are co-authors of Karen Lindsey and Elizabeth Love. A number of people think that this is the bible for women with breast cancer and they use this quote from the New York Times on the cover. Dr. Susan Love has her own site here. You cannot do better than to start here and then read her book.

When I was getting tested for breast cancer, from the technologist that did the Mammogram to the second technologist that did the second one to the technologist who did the Ultrasound and the doctor that did the Biopsy all knew there was cancer. However, this being Ontario I had to wait and see my family doctor to get the results. I read the In-Between Days by Teva Harrison thinking the worst before I finally got some results. When the results were not so bad I read this book on everything you could want to know about breasts and breast cancer.

There is a good review of this book at Nancy Stordahl's site called Nancy's Point. She also talks about her books and other stuff on her site. As is usual there are good reviews of this book at Good Reads. Most people find this book excellent. Amazon also has good reviews but as usual you have to scroll to almost the bottom of the page to get them.

Dr. Susan Love is talked about at the Fred Hutch Org site and gives a Q&A session. This is a very short video by Dr. Susan Love. It is annoying as it is so short and you see an advertisement first and then it is rather choppy. This video is advise from Dr. Susan Lover via POPSugar. It gets points across, but it is also a bit annoying in the presentation and first you have to see an ad for the 2 minute video. Ads seem as long and the video. This is a 20 minute presentation by Dr. Susan Love brought to you by Young Survival Coalition.

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