Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Memory Illusion by Dr. Julia Shaw

This book's full title is The Memory Illusion: Why you might not be who you think you are. We have semantic and episodic memory. It is the episodic one that defines us. However, any event, no matter how important, emotional or traumatic can be forgotten, misremembered or even entirely fictitious. This is interesting stuff. The author, Dr. Julia Shaw has her own web site here.

There are good reviews at Good Reads. The book was well received and appreciated. I understand that as we can understand that our memories are not perfect (and neither is anyone else's). There is an interesting review by Jon Hernandez on CBC News. Brian Bethune wrote a good review in the Maclean's Magazine.

There is a good interview on her site here. Dr. Julia Shaw also wrote an article for Scientific American. There is an interesting video by Dr. Julia Shaw on YouTube. This video is how to plant false memories and it is on YouTube.

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