Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Edward III by Richard Barber

This book's full title is Edward III and The Triumph of England; The Battle of Crecy and the Company of the Garter. I love English History and I have read a lot of it. I found this book quite enjoyable, but only half of it was really about Edward, the other half was information about knights.

There is a good review by Ben Wild in The Guardian. He is right that reading the book can be a bit frustrating at times. I just went with it and tried to just seat back and enjoy the ride. There is also another great review by Nigel Jones in The Telegraph. For both these reviews, I loved the included illustrations. Often British newspaper reviews are the best and of course there is nothing comparable to English History books for there to be lots of English Newspaper reviews. Ian Mortimer wrote a review at History Today. It is a rather odd book and not typically the way history is written. But it has its charms.

There is an interesting article on the Battle of Crecy at Crecy Museum site. Edward's victory over the French at Crecy on 26 August 1346 astounded all of Christendom. I cannot find any video by Richard Barber but he has an entry in Wikipedia. He has his own website here.

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