Monday, May 8, 2017

Heroes of Empire by Edward Berenson

This book's full title is Heroes of Empire, Five Charismatic men and the Conquest of Africa. These men might have been heroes to the Western world, but wreaked hardship and violence on African people. It would seem to be the press that made them heroes. They and their country men seem to think that they were bringing civilization to native peoples. I doubt of the native peoples thought that.

On this site of Rorotoko Edward Berenson talks about his book and why he wrote it. The side Questia gives a synopsis of this book plus and excerpt. There is an actual book review by Michael Clinton onWorld History Connected. He talks about the fact that this book has begun to appear on the syllabi of graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses on European imperialism. Rachel K. Bright gives a review of this book on Project Muse. She starts off my talking about how the popular press turned African adventurers into national heroes.

Edward Berenson is a Professor of History at New York University. Here they give a bio of him and the books he has written including the Heroes of Empire. There is an interview with Edward Berenson on YouTube by the Oxford Press. There is another interview of Edward Berenson on the Criterion Collection called the Politics of History.

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