Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Story of the Jews by Simon Schama

This book's full title is The Story of the Jews, Finding the Words, 1000 BCE to 1492 CE. The Jews have always been citizens of the world. They have on and off been persecuted by their neighbors. They have often thrived in all sorts of different places despite all that happened to them. Simon Schama writes great history by storytelling.

Judith Shulevitz writing in the New York Times captures the essence of this book well. Ian Thomson does a great review in the Guardian. There are, of course, some interesting reviews on Goodreads. Some found it hard to follow and slow to read. I did not, but then I have read a lot of history and that probably helps. He does have an interesting approach.

Simon Schama was joined onstage by Adam Hochschild to talk about The Story of the Jews, Mr. Schama's multimedia account of Jewish history from 1000 BCE to present times. There video ishere. In 5 parts, Simon Schama tells the story of the Jews at Daily Motion.

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