Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Capital Compounders by Robin Speziale

This book’s full title is Capital Compounders: How to Beat the Market and Make Money Investing in Growth Stocks. Robin Speziale was ambitious from a very young age and had a hard time waiting until he was 18 to open his first trading account. He has a blog on his web site to which you can subscribe. You can get the book here.

Robin Speziale is on number of social media sites. He has some interesting articles on LinkedIn. His Facebook site is here and you can follow him on Twitter.

His book is worth the purchase price just to just for the list of possible companies you might want to invest in and the list of resources online of where to find information on stocks you are interested in. He believes in GARP which is Growth at Reasonable Price. H would not buy a stock with a 25 P/E Ratio with 10% EPS growth, but would buy a stock at a 30 P/E Ratio if it had a 30% EPS growth.

He also limits the sectors that he invests in (something like 89%+) in 3 industries of consumer franchise, technology, and diversified industries. He likes boring and unglamorous companies that generate high returns on capital on a consistent basis. He gives examples of Savaria which is assisted living and Estee Lauder which owns MAC Cosmetics.

He also very much likes companies in which the management owns part of the business that they manage. He says that he does not trust management that does not invest their own personal money into a company. You can find management insider holdings for the US market at Insider Tracking and for the Canadian market at Canadian Insider.

Robin Speziale ends the book with some of his Do It Yourself (DIY) investor friends including Paul Andreola; Be Smart Rich Blogger, Donville’s Blog; Max; Christopher Gimmer; Philippe Bergeron-Belanger; Mathieu Martin; and Zachary Trease and Bizy Beaver. Plus, he gives a 100 web site resources.

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