Friday, February 1, 2019

A History of Canada in Ten Maps by Adam Shoalts

This book’s full title is A History of Canada in Ten Maps, Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land. I found this quite an interesting book with even the maps interesting. He talks a bit about the War of 1812 when Americans invaded Canada (Ontario) and left it a it a charred, smoldering wasteland. They said they wanted to free us from the British, but burning our homes just left southern Ontario with bitter and deep feelings against the Americans. A distrust that still seems to be here, at least in the older generation.

Yes, the book says it is about maps, and there is copies of these maps in the book, but it could also be about 10 stories of Canada. I think others pointed this out in reviews. This is storytelling and the way history should be taught.

There was some short and interesting reviews of this book on Amazon. Charlotte Gray does a very good job in her review of this book on the Globe and Mail. As usual, there are some good reviews on Good Reads. This is not the best review I read, but Lyle Dick is writing for a magazine of Canadian History. A much better review is by Harry Wilson for Canadian Geographic.

Book Trailer: A History of Canada in 10 Maps video is here. I must admit I really like this. Adam Shoalts talks on the Morning Show on Global News. There is a short interview of Adam Shoalts on Cogeco TV. There is also another video about an expedition he took for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society . Adam Shoalts seems to have his own YouTube Channel.

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