Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Leadership and The Rise of Great Powers by Yan Xuetong

This book’s title is Leadership and The Rise of Great Powers. It is written by a Professor of political science and dean of the Institute of International relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I certainly found it quite interesting. However, he, of course, felt that the US will fall in power and the China will be the superpower of the future. But he would have to say that being a professor in a Chinese University.

One thing I find interesting was that he called the US Antiestablishmentarianism. This is a political philosophy that views a nation's or society's power structure as corrupt, repressive, exploitative, or unjust. Apparently, he is not the only one to think this.

There is an interview with Yan Xuetong at the Princeton University Press site. There is a discussion on moral realism on the Oxford Academic site.

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