Friday, April 24, 2020

The Cowkeeper's Wish by Kasaboski and Hartog

This book’s full title is The Cowkeeper's Wish: A Genealogical Journey by Tracy Kasaboski and Kristen Den Hartog. They have blog here.

I got this book from a Ben McNally Brunch . When there will be more, I do not know. I doubt at this time that there will still be one on May 24 as it is uncertain when we will come out of the Lockdown by then. There brunches are great. You have breakfast at the King Eddy and then you hear 4 authors speak. If you buy a book you can get it signed. I have bought some wonderful books at these brunches.

This book is not as interesting as I thought it would be. I felt it bogged down in places, but I did preserve. This is the first genealogical book that I have read. At a Ben McNally’s Brunches I heard Kristen den and I was impressed and this is why I bought this book. Oh well, this is the first book that I have brought at a brunch that was a bit disappointing.

I used to be into genealogy. I did trace my family. My mother’s family came from Britain. My father’s family were early immigrants to Canada as my great grandparents come from Lutzelfluh, Bern, Switzerland. After doing a fair bit of work on my family history I moved on to other things. The only thing I really do now connected to genealogy is a newsletter from Lost Cousins Newsletter by Peter Calver. Peter writes from England and about tracing your English ancestors.

There is a review by the publishers at Douglas & McIntyre. Paul Jones did a review on Canada’s History. A lot of Canadians can trace ancestors back to Britain. I found a new Canadian book site with one review at 49th Shelf. I did not know this site existed. It is just for Canadian books.

There is another review on Genealogy Blog by Leland Meitzler. I did not know of this blog either. On another genealogical blog I found a review by Bobbi King on Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

In this video, Kristen den Hartog reads on Pivot Reading from her novel And Me Among Them. There is short interview on YouTube with Kristen den Hartog and Tracy Kasaboski in connection with The Occupied Garden book.

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