Friday, April 17, 2020

The Six-Day War by Guy Laron

This book’s full title is The Six-Day War, The Breaking of the Middle East. This is about the 1967 conflict that changed the map of the Middle East. I read this book to get a better understanding of the Middle East as it pertains to Israel. The Middle East is still a mess, but the only people who can really fix it is the people in the Middle East.

There is a show review at Yale University Press. Guy Laron wrote a long and interesting article about this war in the The Nation. There is, of course, lots of good reviews on Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre.

Wilson International Center for Scholars hosted this talk by Guy Laron. He starts talking about 7 minutes in about how he came to write this book. Questions start at 42 minutes in. Guy Laron talks at Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre. The other speaker was: Dr Ahron Bregman,

The most interesting quote I got was about Europe. It was said that NATO was established to keep, the Americans in, the Soviets out and Germany down. Brezhnev wanted a European order that kept the Americans out, the Soviets in and Germany down. This was on page 222 of my paperback copy.

Also, near the end the author says there was no settlement of the 1967 war for a number of reasons. The Israel army used its prestige to press the government not to withdraw. In the US, there was an Israel friendly White House. In Syria and Egypt, the civilian leaders were fighting with the military leaders. The Soviet Union wanted to augment its presents in the Middle East. This is on page 309 in my paperback copy.

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