Friday, September 25, 2020

Heart, Breath, Mind by Leah Lagos

This book’s full title is Heart, Breath, Mind: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success. I got this book to review and I will do that. The book is designed to take 10 weeks to finish, but I obviously can review it in a shorter time frame, but probably also get some benefit from reading the book. It reminds me of a book I read in the past of Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky .

I did not do the 10 weeks breathing exercises that is at the heart of this book. It seems like an intriguing way to help people manage stress. I do not have much stress at the moment even with the lockdown. I am fortunate in some ways that my son lives with me. At least I had company in the first part of the lockdown and now we can, in Ontario, go out somewhat with friends.

I did start on diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing. This seems like a good thing to do. I had heard about this before and it is not new, but I had not practiced it. She talks on how training your body to handle stress can help people with problems sleeping to athlete’s performance levels. She tells a lot of stories about how she has helped people with in terms of lowing stress so they can perform or live better.

If you are suffering because of stress, it would be worth the while to get this book and engage in her 10 week course. It is a detailed plan. She also suggests some different apps you can get to help you, but you do not need these as you could follow her plan and use the worksheets she provides. Her way could be a powerful tool to improve your life.

There are few reviews of this book. You will find a couple at Good Reads. You will also find some on Amazon when you scroll to the bottom of the page. The books publisher is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Leah Lagos teams with Jaspal Ricky Singh to do a short at TED-Ed Talk. In this book, Leah Lagos recommends watching Kelly McGonigal on TED Talk. The title of this TED Talk is “How to Make Stress Your Friend”. There is also a short video on this book on YouTube. There is also a good description of what Dr. Lagos does at Goop.

If you like podcasts there is some choice. Listen to Dr Lagos on MixCloud There is another podcase on the subject of HRV at Elite HRV.

Jeff Halevy interviews Leah Lagos on YouTube at Workout from Within. Nunzio Presta interviews Leah Lagos via YouTube. This is a longer interview of some 17 minutes, but is well worth listening to. NBC did a news video about Leah Lagos helping an Olympic Rower on YouTube.

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