Friday, September 2, 2022

The Journey of Humanity by Oded Galor

This book’s full title is The Journey of Humanity; the Origins of Wealth and Inequality. I found this book to be very interesting. I realize that there are criticisms of Oded Galor theories. The criticisms are interesting, but so is the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it worthwhile to read.

According to Oded Galor, there was a rapid eruption of change in the past 2 centuries. The change did not happen equally across the globe. Some areas saw the change and in other areas, change is just happening recently. We went from stagnation to growth. It was a huge transition.

During the Malthusian epoch, there was technological innovation, but it leads to a bigger population, but the individuals of that population were not better off. Eventually, technological progress reaches a critical threshold. Eventually, human capital formation triggers a reduction in fertility and growth is freed from the counterbalancing effect of population growth. He calls this a phase transition.

Steven Poole on the Guardian reviews this book. His criticism of the book is quite interesting. James Kwak of the Washington Post reviews this book. Simon Kuper at the New Statesman reviews this book.

There is a public online speech at Brown University by Oded Galor. Q & A. starts around 1 hour into the video. Economist Oded Galor joins Penguin Books UK to answer some Big Questions on diversity, equality, and the future of humanity. This video is around 12 minutes in length. Oded Galor is interviewed on Growth Chat. This video is around 40 minutes long.

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