Friday, October 28, 2016

Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer

This book's full title is The History of the Ancient World From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome. She has a very interesting take on Ancient History. Most of it seems to be who was killing whom in the Royal Families of ancient kingdoms and empires. She also paints a picture of quite a violent world. This book is also a broad coverage of the ancient world rather than focusing on details. She also has her own website here.

There are good reviews on Good Reads. Most liked the book, but there were some good critical reviews. She does take a big person type overview of this history. There is an interesting review on Publishers Weekly.

The author of this review at Library Thing is quite critical. Most of the people commenting did not read the book. I did not find that it was overtly religious and she admits in places that what is thought about some of the history but that the facts are not clear. This is fair enough as it covers history a long ways back and we do not know and perhaps will never know exactly what happened in many cases. Unlike the reviewer I did read the whole book.

We humans can make viewpoints into religion. Some people use atheism as a religion. Theirs is the only one true way. If you do not think exactly like they do you are either stupid or evil. Actually this sounds like religious fundamentalism to me.

This is a short reading from this book starting at Chapter one by Carmine Hudgens. It will give you a flavor of this book. Susan Wise Bauer and Jim Weiss have a discussion in this video. This is a reading from another book by Susan Bauer called Medieval World. This is part 2. I cannot find a part 1. In this short video, Susan Bauer talks about how Christians justified Slavery.

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