Friday, January 26, 2018

SPQR by Mary Beard

This book's full title is SPQR, a History of Ancient Rome. SPQR is short for the Latin phrase "Senatus Populusque Romanus" or the Senate and People of Rome. What is interesting about Rome is that it gave Roman Citizenship to outsiders. They also had a permanent criminal court where even foreigners could seek redress. This is a very readable book and it is the way history should be written.

Dwight Garner writes a review for the New York Times. As always there are some good reviews at Good Reads. Natalie Haynes gives a review of this book on The Guardian. Emily Wilson also has a great review on The Atlantic.

Mary Beard talks about her book via 92nd Street Y. Mary Beard talks at the 2016 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Mary Beard talks about misogyny in the ancient world on Women in the World. In this video Mary Beard answers the questions via BBC Newsnight of "What can ancient Rome teach us about the migrant crisis?"

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