Tuesday, March 8, 2016

100 Million Years of Food by Stephen Le

This book's full title is 100 Million Years of Food: What our ancestors ate and why it matters today. Basically he is saying if we eat the way our ancestors did, we would have far fewer problems. Another way to put this is not to anything our Grandmother's would not recognize as food. He takes us on a great journey to get to this conclusion. Stephen Le has his own web site here .

One thing I found interesting is that a number of cultures would not eat fish. There are drawbacks to eating fish. One is that fish bones can pierce the esophagus or the intestines. Fish are also quite lean and too much protein can be a problem for people. Another drawback is that toxins can accumulate in fish from marine plankton and cause paralysis and death.

Another interest idea was that eating meat may help you be fertile, attractive and strong at a younger age, but it will also help you to an early grave. The thinking is that you should eat little meat while young, but older people should eat more to be stronger and live longer.

There are some good reviews at Amazon but you have to scroll down to almost the end of the page. There is a great review at the Globe & Mail Dilia Narduzzi. There some very good reviews also at Good Reads.

There is a short interview on The Morning Show of Global News.

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