Tuesday, March 1, 2016

World Order by Henry Kissinger

There is a good review in the Guardian by Rana Mitter. Jonathan Powell of the telegraph gives a thoughtful review of this book. Ultimately, he feels that Kissinger is just trying to justify all he has done. There is also a very good review at the New Republic Anne-Marie Slaughter.

There is a short piece of an interview of Kissinger about this a New World Order, but video is old being dated in 2009. There is a 13 minute interview of Kissinger at MSNBC. This video features clips from a Berlin confab in 2009 where former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and other globalists described their vision of a global network of geopolitical regional blocs.

I know there is a lot on the internet of how awful or evil Kissinger is. My god he is calling for a new world order! However, I feel that what he says is reasonable. We need to come together and prevent global misunderstandings that could annihilate civilization as we know it. If you want some thoughtful criticism of Kissinger and his book, the reviews by Jonathan Powell and Anne-Marie Slaughter are very good.

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