Friday, March 4, 2016

The Third Plate by Dan Barber

I have gotten way behind on talking about the books that I have read. I read this one almost a year ago. I find books on how we are changing our views about food very interesting. I do love books by Michael Pollan, but Dan Barber in this book also has very interesting things to say on the subject.

This book's full title is The Third Plate, Fields notes on the future of food. Dan Barber has his own web site here. This is a very interesting book about what new things are being done by people to improve the food and the food supply in the US. I found it quite fascinating.

Here again Amazon has come great review. You have to scroll quite far down to get them. There is a good review of this book at the New York Times by William Grimes. There is also a short interesting review at NPR. The Toronto Star has a review by Jennifer Bain that also includes recipes for a third plate.

Food Farmer Earth interviews Dan Barber on YouTube. This is a relatively short video of some 15 minutes. This is a talk between Ira Glass and Dan Barber. This last one is just over an hour. Both these videos have adverts, but the type that let you skip after a few seconds.

Also, an index of the books I have reviewed are on my website at Books. Follow me on Twitter.

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