Thursday, March 10, 2016

India by Stanley Wolpert

This book's full title is India, Fourth Edition. I bought this book and one on Iran as I have read a lot of history, but I do not know that much of about either of these very ancient countries or areas. What attracted me to this particular book was they it covered not just the history of India. There is a biography of the Arthur Stanley Wolpert on Wikipedia.

As I have said this book covers more than just the history of India. The book covers the geographical area, Religion and Philosophy, Society (caste system etc.), Arts and Science and Polity and Foreign Policy. You get a broad scope about the area, the people and the history.

India, I had already knew had greatly affected the Western World via Math. We got our numerals from India, via the Middle East and so call them Arabic Numerals. I had also known we got the concept of zero from India. What I did not know is that we also got the idea of decimal point.

There are some good reviews on Good Reads. There are some people who really hated this book and found it hard to read. Most gave it a good rating as would I. I found the book very interesting and good to read.

There is not video on this book, but Stanley Wolpert is interviewed by Connie Martinson in a book called India and Pakistan. The second part of this interview is here. There is another interview of Stanley Wolpert on C-Span. (You have to go a bit into the video to get the interview.)

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