Friday, March 18, 2016

Rise to Greatness by Conrad Black

This book's full title is Rise to Greatness, The History of Canada from the Vikings to the present. I know that Conrad Black is quite a controversial person, but he does write well and he especially writes history well.

Jacques Poitras does a great review of this book at Canada's History. Usually I find good, well written reviews on Good Reads, but not this time. I know that Conrad Black is not a well-liked figure, but I find that he writes extremely well and I must admit I had no trouble reading this book and really enjoyed it. Don Marks of CBC called Conrad Black's history of Canada - Arrogant, misinformed and disgraceful. However, what can you expect from the CBC. Unlike the BBC, the CBC is narrow minded and extremely left wing and it is not a station for all of Canadians.

I must admit that Conrad Black's reply to his critics made me chuckle. David O'Brien of the Winnipeg Free Press gives a good and interesting review of this book.

Charlie Gillis of MacLean interviews Conrad Black. (There are two short annoying commercials in before you get to the interview. David O'Brien of the Winnipeg Free Press interviewed Conrad Black. He questioned Conrad Black's treatment of indigenous civilization in this book. Allen McInnis of Montreal Gazette has short interview with Conrad Black about the book. Jeremy Paxman and Conrad Black have an interesting discussion. Conrad Black at Ideal City gives an interesting talk about Canada's History.

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