Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A History of Iran by Michael Axworthy

This book's full title is "A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind". It is interesting that my book has the main title as A History of Iran, but the book shown at Good Reads has Empire of the Mind as the main title. I bought this book as my knowledge Iran or Persia

There are again good reviews on Good Reads. The review by Blair Dowden is interesting to me as it mentions some of the controversial ideas from this book. I do not know enough about the subjects to more than note these ideas as interesting. There is an interesting column by Paul Sprachman on the subject of this book at H-Net. There is a very short, but interesting review of this book by Alyssa McDonald atThe Guardian.

This is a short video review of the book by the sitehistorybookmix. Here is a short interview with Michael Axworthy re the Iranian nuclear deal. There is a crash course on YouTube about the IranianRevolution.

My pile of books to review has only 3 left in it besides the current book I am reading.

Also, an index of the books I have reviewed are on my website at Books. Follow me on Twitter.

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