Monday, April 18, 2016

The City by Joel Kotkin

This book's full title is The City: a Global History. Joel Kotkin has his own web site here. One fault I found with the book is that he knows nothing of cities outside of Middle East and Europe (plus US after USA was born). I expected a book on cities would include those of China, South East Asia, Miso America and South America.

There are a number of good reviews on Good Reads. Most give it a 3 or 4 star rating. I would not rate it that high, but I must admit it was an easy and interesting read. There is also a good review by Z Geography at Word Press. Finally, there is a short interesting review by Kirkus.

This is an interesting interview of Joel Kotkin by Steve Paikin of the Agenda. Steve Paikin tried to get him to comment on Rob Ford and Joel Kotkin ignored this. The City Club of Cleveland invited Joel Kotkin to speak about the future of Cleveland. (For me, the sound went off for a period at the beginning of this video but it came back on after around 5 minutes.)

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