Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mindware by Richard E. Nisbett

This book's full title is Mindware: Tools for Smart Thinking. This is a lively book on we think and how we can think more effectively. It is interesting that he talks about letting your subconscious help. You can do this by sleeping before making a big decision or do cost/benefit analysis of a problem and then throw it away.

As usual, there are some good reviews at Good Reads. Not everyone liked this book, but I certainly did. Nick Romeo in the Boston Globe does an excellent review. E. James Lieberman does a Q & A with Richard Nisbett in the Library Journal.

Richard E. Nisbett speaks at The Rockefeller University . This video is just over one hour and he speaks on a topic of "Intelligence and How to Get it: Why Schools and Cultures Count". Q & A Panel starts just over 39 minutes. This video is called "Know Thyself Uncut conversation with Richard Nisbett" is on YouTube.

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