Thursday, April 28, 2016

Eat Well Age Better by Mason and Stoffman

This book's full title is Eat Well Age Better: How to Use Diet and Supplements to Guard the Lifelong Health of your eyes, Your heat, Your Brain and Your Bones. The authors are Aileen Burford-Mason and Judy Stoffman. Aileen Burford-Mason has her own web site here.

There are a number of reviews that really liked this book at Good Reads. However, I agree with the one negative one. This book seems to be more about taking supplements than anything else. It is like the so called health food stores which seem to be all about taking pills. There is also a nice review of this book by Helene Meurer at Alive.

There is a positive review of this book by Laura Eggertson in the Canadian Median Association Journal so I guess the book has some credibility. I guess the thing with me is that the only problems I have is excess weight gained at menopause that I would like to get rid of. This book did not give me any clues about this. There was some interesting information, but I do not think that there was anything particularly useful to me.

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