Friday, April 15, 2016

Wired for Culture by Mark Pagel

This book's full title is "Wired for Culture: Origins of the Human Social Mind". He talks about an interesting experiment. Sally puts a marble in her basket and goes away. Anne moves the marble to her box. When Sally comes back young children of 3 or 4 will say she will look in Anne's Box for the marble. Older children realize that Sally can have beliefs different from theirs and say that Sally will look for the marble in her basket.

Julian Baggini does a great review in The Guardian. There are also some good reviews at Good Reads. The negative reviews can be as interesting as the positive ones. On this site called Reading Evolutionary Biology Group there is a lot of links for Mark Pagel.

On this site is a half hour speech by Mark Pagel. Mark Pagel is on a panel at the Royal Society about "What it means to be Human". Mark Pagel gives a talk on The RSA about "Wired for Culture: The natural history of human cooperation".

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