Monday, April 4, 2016

Superpower by Ian Bremmer

This book's full title is Superpower: Three Choices for American's Role in the World. Ian Bremmer has his own Website for this book. He thinks that the US has three choices. First is put their head into the sand (and ignore the rest of the world), the second his to look after their own interests and the third choice was to try to solve other people's problems. I think that the problem with the last one is that you cannot solve other people's problems. I agree that Foreign Policy in the US is in a muddle and only reactive at the moment, but I do not see that improving in the near future.

As usual, there are some great reviews at Good Reads. There is an interesting review by Elena Holodny at Business Insider followed by Q and A. The review of this book by y Greg Waldmann at Open Letter Monthly is the best one I saw and read.

Ian Bremmer is interviewed on Foreign Affairs. There is a short interview by WSJ by Rebecca Blumenstein.

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